About the Artist. I nurtured a reverence for nature and love of art through extensive travel early in my career.  An affinity for landscape studies and an interest in mapmaking guided me toward a degree in geography leaving the University of Missouri not only with a masters degree but a legacy of six large murals depicting oblique views of the earth.  For several years I practiced my talents and developed my skills with the Natural Resources Conservation Service producing soil survey maps while germinating the idea for a business in art by doing detailed pen and ink renderings of homes and architecture that display an array of textures and personal features.  From Montana to Borneo, I have traveled the world enriching my understanding of environmental art and design.  My work has appeared in geology and geography publications, universities, homes and businesses like yours.  When infused with your vision, my art takes on a life of its own.  The result is an inspired and meaningful illustration, ideal for any number of uses: a Christmas card or gift for an associate or friend.  If your graphic and design needs have changed from the everyday to the original, contact me at